Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random Blog

Yeah yeah yeah I've been working on my Baldur's Gate review (getting screenshots, playing through etc.) and it got me thinking. What really defines a great RPG? Is there something in an RPG that you absolutely want or you won't play it? Tell me in the comments below! Now back to my constant dungeon dwelling... for the glory of Amn! Here's some screenshots to keep you amused in the meantime.

"You should see the other guy" ... classic.

I really do enjoy these chapter screens.
I'll also make sure to give you guys some early game tips, incase you want to get through the game without ripping out your hair.


  1. pretty old game, cool though =D

  2. i miss the days of these graphics, my childhood was filled with amazing games like this

  3. Leave me be! I've no time to waste on you today, child!
    Your screenshots alone are going to make me want to play this again.