Sunday, October 10, 2010

Game Review #2: Resident Evil 5 & History of the Series (Part 2)

A very notable game I did not cover with my history of Resident Evil is actually one of my personal favorites. Which game? Resident Evil: Code Veronica. 

  This game takes place 2 months after Resident Evil 3, where they are at the climax of the Raccoon City incident. The game opens with Claire Redfield (dear god come back for Resident Evil 6) infiltrating an Umbrella facility in Paris because she is searching for her brother, Chris Redfield. Sadly she is captured and detained in a prison on Rockfort Island. Lucky her... or maybe not so lucky, the T-Virus shows up and infects the entire island, and a spanish man lets her out of her cell. Soon after exploring and ending up in the courtyard she encounters a man (or more like man child) named Steve Burnside.

"Let's get off this cuh-raaaazy island!" - Legendary Frog <3

Now Claire and Steve team up to try and escape the island!... or so you'd think, no of course Steve wanders off because he clearly can't be near a woman especially one who's properly armed. I'm going to stop telling the plot here because I don't want to spoil anything for you guys. Anyway, Resident Evil: Code Veronica also explains how the T-Virus is beginning to "evolve", as you'll see in Resident Evil 4. But what exactly makes this game notable to the series altogether (beside the solid plot and inbetween storyline)? This game is HARD. I'm not talking hard because of just limited ammo (boy if you waste ammo you may as well restart the whole game), I'm talking about the notoriously confusing and lengthy puzzles it will present to you. Some of them don't even tell you where to go, you have to use a lot of past references to get it down pat. There are also a lot of classic enemies appearing, one of which is going to murder you before you can even aim the gun (and if you don't have a B.O.W. round ready, RUN). Which one is that? Let me give you a hint...

AAAANNNGHHHHH - tap tap tap tap tap *dead*

Yeah, even hunters make their appearance! ;__; So to wrap this up, this is probably one of the better Resident Evil titles because it has a lot of replay value if you're one for unlockables. Stay tuned for the final part where I'll be doing a review of Resident Evil 5 including my predictions for the next game.