Sunday, October 17, 2010

Random Blog no Jutsu !!

So before I get to work on a new review, whether it be anime or a game review, here's a question for ya, just answer it in the comments. Is there a game you dislike strongly? Anything you just need to get off your chest? Tell me! Keep it civil though you crazy internet animals you. Oh yeah, here's a screenshot for the BG fans. Thalantyr in a full blown argument, with a chicken.


  1. Incoming nerd rage!

    I hate pretty much all the Final Fantasy games after 6, but especially 7. All the 12 year old love FF7 because it was the first one they played, and it was a very mediocre game.

    Ocarina of Time is the same way. It was a decent Zelda game, nothing compared to Link to the Past, but it gets idolized because it was the first Zelda game a lot of (now barely grown) kids played. And it was not better than Metal Gear Solid.

    Goldeneye/Halo. Halo was perhaps the first successful console FPS, sure. But as a PC gamer...what did Halo bring to the table? System Shock 2 had far more originality than Halo, yet it's barely remembered.

    That's enough. :D

    (It's Raven Shield)

    I still have it on my computer, and the AI (for your comrades) seems to work perfectly when I map them well, as long as I don't participate in the actual game. :(
    I hate it because of that.

  3. I'm really not a fan of FF7, but then again, I never tried to play it till a couple months ago. That game is unplayable now

  4. Dude, I own baldur's gate and I never even played it because for some reason I don't know if I'm a complete idiot, I have no clue what I'm supposed to do at the start of it. So that'll probably be my rage game. but anyway, cool blog :)

    come check mine out when you have the chance!


  5. i can't say i outright hate RPG games.. but i've only had the patience to finish ONE. Tales of Symphonia back in the gamecube days. they're just such a time sink.. i'm all about instant gratification i can just pick up.

    just a waste of time to me. i'd rather up my stats IRL that in a game. haha

  6. I really dislike any football games. lol

  7. Alright. I will ponder on this.

    There hasn't been any game lately that I just outright disliked, but when I was but a wee child, there was this game called Superman 64 on the N64. It was horrible. It was like this overblown, distorted thing of what a game should be--imagine if you woke up one morning, and was heading for the refrigerator for eggs to make some scrambled eggs for breakfast, but then when you cracked an egg and broke it open, instead of yolk and clear goo coming out and frying sweetly, it's a small, tiny dead fetus that plops out onto your pan, oozing reddish-clear fluid from its nasal cavities, and it's frying in your goddamned pan and now you need to get it out of there but not before it's already stained a part of your pan and forever more you know that you have fried a baby fetus in this pan of yours and it's ruined.

    Basically, Superman 64 was a total shit game. Bad controls, horrible fighting animations, and when you were playing it it felt like you were torturing yourself. I got to stage 3 when I was a kid and just gave up.

  8. @SaviorSelf I'm glad you enjoyed that game, it really was a good game.

  9. Ico.

    An entire game that's nothing more than a glorified escort quest, protecting a braindead helpless girl.

  10. i'm a fan of bg too! glad to see you

  11. I got really annoyed in Zelda: Link to the Past just because of the dark world.... but hey, that's just because I was young :) great blog!!!