Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Daily Blog

Today was a fairly good day, I suppose. I went out to wal-mart to shop for stuff and such. Even though I had no intention to, I remembered that a few of my good friends started playing Magic: The Gathering. Well, I saw a cheap pack of cards for it so I got 'em! I'm a total amateur at it but as long as I'm having fun playing it with 'em I think it's all good. Other than that not much more to say. I've been playing through Mirror's Edge picking up screen shots as I go, so expect a review within the week. I'm gonna also start attaching my twitter and facebook fan page to each review/post. Anyways, thanks for reading guys, stay tuned for updates. Toodles!

...As always I leave you with screen shots of interest! 

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  1. Mirror's Edge was a pretty fun game; imma go rent that again.

  2. Mirror's Edge is awesome. The stylistic graphics and the feeling of speed and movement really lent a lot to the gameplay. This is good stuff. Loving the screenshots, btw.